Sandstone in nature



Seeking Nature's Perfect Moments Still To Motion

Fatali, often referred to as the light hunter, has been chasing the light for thirty-years from still to cinema. He is recognized as a world’s top landscape photographer and a master of light. All of his images are captured using custom large format film cameras and a one of a kind optical darkroom to masterfully create each one of his prints; No Digital or Photoshop in the capture. Simply, God’s light!

 A visionary and explorer who will scout locations to study the light in detail, with the patience to often wait for days, or even weeks for the perfect moment. It is not uncommon in his discipline to stalk a location for two weeks, for only a few seconds of exposures. This is a gift and his way of gifting it back to us all.

 He is one of the very first to photographically share the now famous slot canyons and other hidden mysterious landscapes within the southwest.

Fatali’s undeniable breathtaking images have inspired many photographers to improve their own visions and for some to imitate them. Fatali is an innovator who strives for no limits in his creative expression. He gives credit to the Creator, as the author, and he serving as a visual narrator of God's marvelous creations.

 The Fatali Family proudly displays the longest operating photo gallery to the gates of Zion canyon and also showcases their image collection in Park City, Utah.  The Fatali Gallery has a huge growing number of patrons worldwide that collect his images. These works of art increase in value and the appreciation for a handcrafted image in a digital world driven by instant gratification.
 Fatali still spends a great amount of his time out in the field, doing what he loves, hunting for light and to carry on his mission of bringing the spirit of nature back into focus. The Fatali Family and their film crew takes small groups of their patrons each year to join them on light seeking journeys to discover our natural world wonders.

 Whether you are able to personally join them on one of their light hunting safaris or simply tour their gallery, it is the hope that you will feel the spirit within the images.